RV solar specialist wins prestigious 2018 Australian Business Award for Eco Innovation

Solar 4 RVs has been recognised as an ABA100 Winner in The Australian Business Awards 2018 for Eco Innovation.  The Australian Business Awards recognise high-performing organisations which implement world-class business initiatives and develop innovative products and services.  The national winners will now be benchmarked against the top performers globally in the international chapter of the program at The World Business Awards.

The award recognises the company’s achievements in the development of a coordinated service model for off-grid mobile solar.  Trish Chapallaz, Co-founder/Owner of Solar 4 RVs said “We are honoured to receive this prestigious award and to be recognised for our sector leadership in the provision of lightweight, thin solar panels for off-grid mobile applications such as caravans, boats, and outdoor equipment.” 

Solar 4 RV’s Phil and Trish Chapallaz

Co-founder/Owner and engineer Phil said “The service model was born through customer needs and developed to provide a framework for a full suite of services to customers, not just the selling of products.   The service provides support before, during and after purchase.”

He adds, “Off-grid and mobile applications introduce a diverse set of considerations compared to residential solar. For example, movement creating various sun angles and shading; weight limitations; curved or flexible installation surfaces; environmental variations such as UV, sand, snow, salt or corrugated roads; plus batteries that may be idle for months at a time. Professional guidance through this maze of considerations is the key to obtaining a suitable customised system.”

The service model provides:

  • appropriate assessment and advice to ensure appropriate choices; so the end result is
  • an appropriately sized system to meet specific power consumption needs; with
  • an appropriate combination of compatible products;
  • installed in an appropriate way to access maximum power harvesting.

Increased environmental consciousness and maturity of the travelling market will continue the trend towards more nature based, sustainable experiences. In a survey quoted by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) 63% of grey nomads spend more than 3 months away whilst none were away from home for less than a month.  The implications of using solar power for sustainable travel are therefore significant.

Trish says “There will always be people wanting the cheapest product available, but we are focussed on the consumer that is looking for quality products and advice.  It can be difficult for a customer to know what information to trust and what products are genuinely good value.”

“The advice Solar 4 RVs provides is personalised, practical and based on extensive research, testing and field trials.” Phil adds “Constant improvements are made to our product range including thin lightweight flexible solar panels with an ETFE coating which that provides UV protection, is corrosion resistant, highly stain resistant, highly elastic, easy-to-clean, high light transmittance, and boasts long service life.  We also provide a textured surface for extra robustness.”

Australian Business Awards Program Director Tara Johnston said “With technology rapidly evolving, it is essential that organisations remain ahead of the curve by continuously exploring and embracing new technologies and investing in the education, training and development of their workforce in order remain competitive. High performing organisations that have adopted an innovation culture to achieve optimal levels of productivity and performance have been recognised in this year’s ABA100”.

Solar 4 RV’s Rowville premises

Since launching the family business in March 2014 Solar 4 RVs has grown to supply and support hundreds of businesses and government departments across Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific from their showroom, workshop, offices and warehouse in Rowville.  They stock the largest range of flexible solar panels in Australia and have an intensive research and testing program.

Winning the 2018 Australian Business Award for Eco Innovation tops an impressive list of national awards won over the years including two wins at the Optus My Business Awards (2017 Australian Retail Business of the Year and 2015 Sustainability Initiative of the Year).  

Trish says “Having our services and initiatives benchmarked against world class performance standards is a valuable experience.  We are always aiming to improve.” 

For more information on The Australian Business Awards and the 2018 ABA100 Winners go to www.australianbusinessawards.com.au.  See the full range of Solar 4 RVs products, services and buyer guides at www.solar4rvs.com.au

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