myCOOLMAN DC-DC Charger Arrives To Power Your Adventure

Aussie adventurers can now charge their myCOOLMAN Lithium powerpacks while travelling to their holiday destination with the launch today of the myCOOLMAN DC-DC Charger. (CDC3A)

Exclusive to myCOOLMAN fridges, the DC-DC Charger simply plugs into a vehicles 12v socket/cigarette lighter and adventurers can plug in their charge cable to the myCOOLMAN powerpack to recharge their lithium battery while on the move.

No longer do campers and adventurers need a 240v mains supply to charge their myCOOLMAN lithium powerpacks.

The DC-DC Charger will charge your myCOOLMAN lithium battery from flat to full power in about 5-6 hours ensuring your food and drinks can stay cold in your myCOOLMAN fridge/freezer.

This is a real game changer for travellers on the go, wanting a mobile, space saving solution without drawing down on their cars starting battery.

Key features of the myCOOLMAN DC-DC Charger include:
 Magnetic mounts (never forget your powerpack or charger when packing).
 Slimline form to mount perfectly next to your Powerpack seamlessly.
 Charges from either cigarette lighter or 12v or (24vDC – Trucking).
 Charges myCOOLMAN Powerpack in just under 6 hours from flat.
 Inbuilt over current, over temperature and short circuit protection.
 12-month warranty.

Look for the myCOOLMAN brand of products in all good outdoor, camping & 4WD stores nationally or shop online at

Note: It is also important for the performance of your DC-DC Charger that the 12vDC socket used is clean and has a good tight contact. This will ensure your myCOOLMAN Lithium Powerpack charges correctly and is in optimum state to keep your myCOOLMAN fridge running cold off grid.

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