MORE Horsepower with Nizpro Marine

When development started a number of years ago, Nizpro Marine’s aim was to produce the most powerful 6 cylinder marine outboard on the market.

The Nizpro Marine Supercharger Upgrade Kit for Yamaha 6 cylinder 4.2L marine outboard engines takes your engine from 300HP up to 450HP, from 5500 to 6200 rpm at 7 psi positive pressure. Nizpro Marine has put the Supercharged 450s system through significant testing to get your engine to its maximum and beyond.

In terms of efficiency, the Supercharged 450s improves fuel economy at a cruising rpm. With the Supercharger system fitted, the propeller pitch is increased by approximately 4 inches which is able to reduce engine rpm at cruise speed and in turn will improve fuel efficiency.  Compared to running two Yamaha 6 cylinder outboards, Nizpro Marine’s Supercharged 450s is 556 pounds lighter, no additional drag through water and no additional service costs.

The complete bolt-on system comes with everything required for the installation – fuel system, injectors, reprogrammed ECU – and the whole system takes only a few hours to install.

Nizpro Marine is based in Melbourne and has an in-house Dyno facility, where they can install the system onto your engine for you and run it on the Dyno, giving you a print-out with all the power information and make sure everything is running correctly.

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