How Weather Factors Affect Fishing Part 2: Barometric Pressure

Due to the fact that fish live in a drastically different environment than humans they also have a drastically different anatomy. As fish live in a liquid environment their bodies enable them to pursue prey and elude predators in a dense medium. So, what is barometric pressure and how does it affect fishing?

Rising and falling barometric pressures change the pressure on the surface of a body of water. Fish experience this change in their environment as either increased or decreased pressure on their swim bladder. Although we don’t know the definitive answer why, changes in barometric pressure affect fish behaviour. It is the change in barometric pressure that either positively or negatively affects fishing.

Check out part two in the series on how weather affects fishing by following the link here to read the full article by Joe Greco from Fish Ranger in the latest FREE issue of the What’s Up Downunder Digital Magazine.

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