Honda Marine Implements VTEC Technology

Honda manufacturers over 15 million engines a year, making them one the largest and highly trusted manufacturers in the world.

Reportedly the first to introduce 4-stroke outboard technology in Australia, they feel they have remained the innovative leader ever since.

11 reasons to choose a Honda-Marine to power your boat!

Chris mentions their new 75HP, 80HP, 90HP and 100HP Outboards which have been released this year in Melbourne all of which contain VTEC Technology.

BF75 (75HP Outboard)

Under the famous Silver Cow, the BF75 brings together their latest technological advancements into a smooth and streamline machine. LEARN MORE!

BF80 (80HP Outboard)

One of the most recent additions to Honda’s line-up, the BF80 brings together their technological advancements and slips them under the famous Silver Cow. LEARN MORE!

BF90 (90HP Outboard)

The BF90 brings variable valve timing and lift electronic control (VTEC) to mid-range horsepower outboard. LEARN MORE!

BF100 (100HP Outboard)

Alongside it’s little brother, the BF80, the all-new BF100 is packed full of power and ready to rule the water. LEARN MORE!



If you are interested in finding out more visit their website!

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