Caravan & Marine Barbecues no blow out guarantee

Caravan & Marine Barbecues manufacture purpose-built, high-quality stainless steel gas barbecues for creative cooking and entertaining on your boat, caravan, RV or at home and in the great Australian outdoors.

Caravan & Marine Barbecues’ point of difference from other similar products is the size and the performance of the barbecue. You can use their barbecues as a cooktop or oven (with an optional cooking rack) and they are the only manufacturer of two burner marine and caravan barbecues on the market, the separate burners mean better temperature control and more controllable heat. These barbecues are really hot, putting out about 20,000 BTUs, the single burner barbecues are around about 8,000 BTUs. Ever had your barbecue blow out? The unique design, originally made for boats, makes these barbecues windproof guaranteed to 50kph, Caravan & Marine Barbecues guarantee they will not blow out.

With a variety of stainless steel accessories to enhance the use of their barbecues, from mounting options to attach your barbecue to your boat, to stands and slide systems for caravanning enthusiasts to install the barbecue for ease of use, plus cooking racks, utensil tray and a purpose-built baking dish, Caravan & Marine Barbecues are perfect for the beach or the bush.

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