A Clearer View for the LandCruiser 300 Series with Towing Mirrors Finally Announced!

Clearview Accessories has announced that their much-anticipated new Towing Mirrors to suit the new Toyota LandCruiser 300 Series are now available to order!

The first models to have stock available will be the LC300 GX & GXL with stock available from the 1st November 2023.

Clearview Towing Mirrors for the VX, Sahara, Sahara ZX and GR Sport models will have stock available from the 1st December 2023.

With no full-replacement towing mirrors available on the market for the 300 Series, Clearview is preparing for a surge in demand. “Our Melbourne-based assembly-line is already gearing up for the introduction of these new models” shares Mike Cowan, Co Founder of Clearview Accessories “The new LC300 mirrors take longer to build, so we’ve had to increase production capacity and line optimisation in the lead up to the official launch to avoid delays on the rest of our mirror production”.

As with everything Clearview does, these new mirrors have re-set the benchmark for Towing Mirrors.

Clearview Towing Mirrors available for the Toyota LandCruiser 300 Series will include Next Gen and Compact Towing Mirrors. All standard functionality will carry through to the Clearview Mirrors, except for the auto-dimming function as there is a patent in place for it.

GX available features include: Power Fold, Electric operating glass & integrated LED indicators

GXL available features include: Auto-tilting function when reversing, blind spot monitoring, heated glass, Power Fold, electric operating glass & integrated LED indicators. Puddle Lights have also been included as a thoughtful aftermarket addition to these mirrors.

VX available features include: 360 Camera provision, Auto-tilting function when reversing, blind spot monitoring, heated glass, Power Fold, puddle lights, electric operating glass & integrated LED indicators.

Sahara, Sahara ZX and GR Sport available features include: Memory function, 360 Camera provision, Auto-tilting function when reversing, blind spot monitoring, heated glass, Power Fold, puddle lights, electric operating glass & integrated LED indicators.

Compact Towing Mirrors are just like a factory mirror with a large single convex mirror, and the additional advantage of the extra visibility that Clearview’s towing mirror extension provides. The Next Gen Towing Mirrors are only slightly larger than the Compacts, with Clearview’s popular double mirror design. The Clearview Next Gen & Compact Towing Mirrors are a lot smaller and positioned closer to the vehicle than Clearview’s famous Original Towing Mirrors but extend out just as far when you need them to. In fact, the design is such, that most people don’t realise that towing mirrors are installed on the vehicle until they are in their fully extended position!

Clearview Towing Mirrors are true replacement mirrors, designed to use the same holes, fitting and wiring (where applicable) as your original mirrors for plug-and-play installation. With these new LC300 Towing mirrors, the team at Clearview has completely changed the game!

Clearview’s unique, patented, secondary mount design for the LC300 towing mirrors has accounted for the LC300’s lighter-weight Aluminium door skin and inadequate strength of the existing internal bracketry to mount extendable towing mirrors to. They’ve also identified the optimum location for the new Towing Mirrors to be installed to provide best visibility when in the extended towing position.

“When Toyota designed their new Land Cruiser, they weren’t designing it around the aftermarket addition of towing mirrors” shares Jay Praag, Co-Founder of Clearview Accessories, “we knew that we couldn’t simply attach our mirrors to the existing mounting point or position on the door as it just wasn’t going to work. We needed to move the standard mounting point forward to make it easier to see out of while towing. If we only reinforced the existing mounting point and installed our mirrors there, the driver would be constantly leaning backwards and turning their head to see anything out of the mirrors. It’s important for us that when someone purchases a Clearview product, that it does what we say it’s going to do and doesn’t cause any damage to the vehicle down the

This attention to detail sheds some light on why Clearview has been holding out on releasing their new Towing Mirrors for such a popular model, but clearly, it’s been worth the wait!

We’ve all been in contact with a set of Clearviews at some point in our lives, and many of us have met Uncle Mike on our travels. Being an active part of the touring community means that Mike is always available for a chat with fellow tourers! Mike Cowan and his son-in-law Jay Praag have turned their small family business into one of Australia’s most respected 4WD and Touring Brands. The popularity of Clearview Towing Mirrors has led to the term “Clearview” becoming part of the Australian vernacular, commonly used to generically refer to towing mirrors.

Clearview Towing Mirrors to suit the new LC300 can be pre-ordered and installed through Clearview Accessories’ dealer network, Australia-wide. Visit website for more information.

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