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Fusion Extends Marine Amplifier Signature Series Range

Fusion, a worldwide leader in marine audio entertainment, has announced the release of two new additions to its industry-leading range of marine audio entertainment products, the Signature Series six- and eight-channel class-D marine amplifiers. Adding to the company’s existing line of monoblock, four- and five-channel Signature Series Amplifiers, the new six-channel 1500 Watt and eight-channel 2000 Watt amplifiers deliver an impressive power rating and are designed to suit all audio installation requirements. To complement the complete entertainment package, Fusion has also launched a line of high-quality performance RCA cables.

The result of world-class design and engineering, the extremely powerful Signature Series Amplifiers are built with Class-D amplification for higher efficiency and output, a rigid aluminum heat sink, a subsonic filter, variable low and high pass crossover filters, and are 2 Ohm stereo stable and includes variable bass boost, behind a stainless-steel front panel with a stylish mirror finish. Ensuring low current draw from the battery while delivering increased power, the highly efficient Class-D design makes the Signature Series perfect for any boating environment.

“We are excited to broaden our range of products with the release of the six- and eight-channel Signature Series Amplifiers and our new RCA cables,” said Chris Baird, managing director, Fusion Entertainment. “We are well known for our award-winning marine stereo’s, and have invested heavily in delivering innovative, high-quality products and solutions that provide our customers a superior listening experience across the entire audio chain. The announcement of the additional Signature Series Amplifiers and performance RCA cabling is a further commitment from the brand to deliver the ultimate audio experience from the kickdrum to the eardrum.”

Carrying Fusion’s True-Marine accreditation, these amplifiers are protected by an industry-leading three-year warranty. Ensuring cleaner, clearer, enhanced audio signal for the best sound quality, Fusion’s new range of RCA cables and connectors feature directional, shielded twisted pair cable providing superior noise rejection. The connectors are also gold-plated to prevent corrosion.

Fusion, the leader in marine entertainment, is dedicated to offering innovative solutions that enhance personal leisure time on the water. Fusion, owned by Garmin, builds products that exceed regulatory standards using the latest technologies at Garmin’s international ISO accredited manufacturing facility.

For more information on Fusion’s Signature Series Amplifiers, RCA cables or its entire line of audio products, please contact 623-580-9000 or visit

Live Weather Updates via AIS to Protect Navigation Along New Zealand Coastline

Marine Safety Leader’s Cutting-Edge Technology for Marlborough Sounds Customised to Include Weather Information Overlays, Automated Warning Light System and Mobile App Integration
Auckland, New Zealand – Vesper Marine, a leading manufacturer of innovative marine safety products, announced today that Marlborough District Council in New Zealand has implemented the Guardian:protect solution to monitor and protect its 4,200 square kilometer harbor. The solution provides live weather information to vessels on their navigation systems via AIS. Prior to this solution, weather updates were only available via VHF calls or internet connectivity to access the Marlborough Sounds weather portal.

“The Weather Information System made possible by Guardian is an enhancement to the navigation safety of mariners travelling in the Marlborough Sounds,” said Luke Grogan, harbormaster, Marlborough District Council. “While we have an incredible weather tracking system, the difficulty was getting it to end users when it mattered most. Vesper Marine’s Guardian solution has made that possible.”

“We are delighted to be working with Luke and the team at Marlborough District Council,” said Jeff Robbins, CEO, Vesper Marine. “Their unique challenges led us to create new capabilities for our Guardian system. Our platform is completely customizable and the final product we deliver is designed to meet each customer’s specific needs.”

The innovative Guardian solution also automates Marlborough’s warning light systems. After a fatal collision by a large vessel with a smaller non-AIS enabled vessel, a manually operated ‘warning light’ system was put in place in the narrow waterway. The lights are now automatically enabled by Guardian, so smaller non-AIS enabled vessels can see a visual indicator that a large vessel is en route. A similar solution is being implemented at Pelorus Sounds to warn when mussel harvesting vessels are moving in high-traffic areas.

The Weather Information System is highly intuitive, allowing the crew of commercial vessels to view nautical charts with weather information overlaid in real time. Marlborough District Council uses the Guardian:protect solution to monitor marine traffic including the daily Cook Strait ferries, commercial fishing vessels and over 80 cruise ships that visit Marlborough Sounds every year.

Information delivered by the Guardian solution may soon be integrated to the Marlborough Cruise Guide App, providing accurate site-specific weather information and vessel traffic. This will make comprehensive, accurate AIS information accessible to the much wider recreational boat audience and marine adventure seekers through their mobile devices.

Grogan continued, “The solution will also provide us with a rich resource of trends and patterns over time to help develop future navigation and warning systems.”

Vesper Marine’s Guardian:protect solution creates protection zones around hazards and marks safe anchorage zones using virtual aids to navigation. With sophisticated analytics for determining vessel behavior, vessels are automatically alerted of potential risks along with the Marlborough Sounds control team. The alert messages are sent directly to the vessel’s navigation systems. Additionally, messages can be sent to warn vessels who are breaking maritime rules and making undeclared anchor stops.

For more information on the Guardian:protect system, Vesper Marine or its entire product line, visit

RV solar specialist wins prestigious 2018 Australian Business Award for Eco Innovation

Solar 4 RVs has been recognised as an ABA100 Winner in The Australian Business Awards 2018 for Eco Innovation.  The Australian Business Awards recognise high-performing organisations which implement world-class business initiatives and develop innovative products and services.  The national winners will now be benchmarked against the top performers globally in the international chapter of the program at The World Business Awards.

The award recognises the company’s achievements in the development of a coordinated service model for off-grid mobile solar.  Trish Chapallaz, Co-founder/Owner of Solar 4 RVs said “We are honoured to receive this prestigious award and to be recognised for our sector leadership in the provision of lightweight, thin solar panels for off-grid mobile applications such as caravans, boats, and outdoor equipment.” 

Solar 4 RV’s Phil and Trish Chapallaz

Co-founder/Owner and engineer Phil said “The service model was born through customer needs and developed to provide a framework for a full suite of services to customers, not just the selling of products.   The service provides support before, during and after purchase.”

He adds, “Off-grid and mobile applications introduce a diverse set of considerations compared to residential solar. For example, movement creating various sun angles and shading; weight limitations; curved or flexible installation surfaces; environmental variations such as UV, sand, snow, salt or corrugated roads; plus batteries that may be idle for months at a time. Professional guidance through this maze of considerations is the key to obtaining a suitable customised system.”

The service model provides:

  • appropriate assessment and advice to ensure appropriate choices; so the end result is
  • an appropriately sized system to meet specific power consumption needs; with
  • an appropriate combination of compatible products;
  • installed in an appropriate way to access maximum power harvesting.

Increased environmental consciousness and maturity of the travelling market will continue the trend towards more nature based, sustainable experiences. In a survey quoted by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) 63% of grey nomads spend more than 3 months away whilst none were away from home for less than a month.  The implications of using solar power for sustainable travel are therefore significant.

Trish says “There will always be people wanting the cheapest product available, but we are focussed on the consumer that is looking for quality products and advice.  It can be difficult for a customer to know what information to trust and what products are genuinely good value.”

“The advice Solar 4 RVs provides is personalised, practical and based on extensive research, testing and field trials.” Phil adds “Constant improvements are made to our product range including thin lightweight flexible solar panels with an ETFE coating which that provides UV protection, is corrosion resistant, highly stain resistant, highly elastic, easy-to-clean, high light transmittance, and boasts long service life.  We also provide a textured surface for extra robustness.”

Australian Business Awards Program Director Tara Johnston said “With technology rapidly evolving, it is essential that organisations remain ahead of the curve by continuously exploring and embracing new technologies and investing in the education, training and development of their workforce in order remain competitive. High performing organisations that have adopted an innovation culture to achieve optimal levels of productivity and performance have been recognised in this year’s ABA100”.

Solar 4 RV’s Rowville premises

Since launching the family business in March 2014 Solar 4 RVs has grown to supply and support hundreds of businesses and government departments across Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific from their showroom, workshop, offices and warehouse in Rowville.  They stock the largest range of flexible solar panels in Australia and have an intensive research and testing program.

Winning the 2018 Australian Business Award for Eco Innovation tops an impressive list of national awards won over the years including two wins at the Optus My Business Awards (2017 Australian Retail Business of the Year and 2015 Sustainability Initiative of the Year).  

Trish says “Having our services and initiatives benchmarked against world class performance standards is a valuable experience.  We are always aiming to improve.” 

For more information on The Australian Business Awards and the 2018 ABA100 Winners go to  See the full range of Solar 4 RVs products, services and buyer guides at


Entertainment Leader’s Wi-Fi Audio Streaming for Apple Devices Enables Customers to Seamlessly Send High Quality Audio from their Favourite Streaming Services to the New Apollo Series Marine Stereos.

FUSION®, a worldwide leader in marine audio entertainment, announced today the addition of Apple AirPlay functionality to the new Apollo Series marine audio entertainment systems. Offering the industry’s first Apple iOS Wi-Fi streaming, the new feature is available with a free software update.

Compatible with all current Apple iOS devices, AirPlay is incredibly easy to use allowing seamless device-to-device audio streaming. Unlike Bluetooth which offers limited-range streaming and compression of audio files to lower-quality formats, AirPlay offers significantly greater range for complete vessel coverage and transmits lossless audio at 44.1khZ, resulting in pure audio playback.

The Fusion RA770 is the flagship of the new Apollo Series.

“We went through an extensive application process to demonstrate to Apple why FUSION marine stereos are unique in construction and worthy of AirPlay designation,” said Chris Baird, managing director of FUSION Entertainment. “Unlike our competition, we recognise that a boat is not a car, and have built our systems from the ground-up specifically for the demanding needs of our discerning clientele. Having the official Apple AirPlay distinction further solidifies FUSION as the premier innovator in the marine audio space and sets the Apollo series even further apart amongst audio entertainment systems.”

The FUSION RA770 is the flagship of the new Apollo Series, epitomising creative design and technological brilliance. The world’s first purpose-built marine entertainment system with a one-piece glass touchscreen display, built-in Wi-Fi streaming, Digital Signal Processing Technology (DSP) and PartyBus capabilities, the RA770 takes marine audio entertainment to the next level. The FUSION Apollo Series also includes the SRX400, delivering a truly powerful feature set in a compact versatile form factor. Like the RA770, the SRX400 offers Apple AirPlay, Wi-Fi streaming, DSP and PartyBus functionality.

The FUSION Apollo Series also includes the SRX400

Along with Apple AirPlay, Apollo users will benefit from the new Fusion-Link App update. It features a modernised user interface, over-the-air software updates, the ability to set up DSP profiles directly from the app and remote PartyBus control. Connecting to the app through Bluetooth or Wi-Fi allows the user to stream music in any zone, control volume, and access all music sources from anywhere on the boat. The Fusion-Link update is free to download through the Apple App Store® or Google Play™ and gives users the power to control their entertainment experience right from their fingertips.

FUSION, the leader in marine entertainment, is dedicated to offering innovative solutions that enhance personal leisure time on the water. FUSION, owned by GARMIN, builds products that exceed regulatory standards using the latest technologies at GARMIN’s international ISO accredited manufacturing facility.

For more information on Apple AirPlay functionality, the FUSION Apollo RA770, SRX400, FUSION or its entire line of audio products visit

Dometic’s massive range of products to suit your lifestyle

When it comes to mobile living, Dometic have you covered. With products to suit a range of lifestyles from the Marine Industry to the Caravan Industry and general outdoor enthusiasts, Dometic’s mission is to make mobile living easy.

Dometic helps you meet your essential needs at sea. Their complete range of hygiene and cleaning solutions, from innovative, award-winning toilets to eco-friendly and highly effective sanitation additives, will keep your boat comfortable and fresh.

Whether you’re planning on getting away for a few hours, a few days or even longer, Dometic has a range of portable refrigeration options, including non-powered coolers and high-performance powered cooling boxes, to meet your needs. There is also a broad selection of accessories and spare parts to get maximum benefit from their portable refrigeration products. Dometic also offers compact, silent and extremely durable upright absorption refrigerators plus powerful and highly efficient cooling units.

For the mobile cook, Dometic offers a range of solutions designed to make the most of the space available. From cooktop and sink combinations to kettles, coffee-makers and accessories, you can enjoy a delicious meal and a nice cuppa.

Dometic’s innovative contribution to the Marine Industry also includes keeping you connected and in control. The revolutionary, user-friendly Dometic Smart Touch Integrated Intelligence Control (STIIC) connects your boat’s Dometic solutions allowing you to monitor all Dometic products via an app on your mobile device.

For when you are in a remote location and you need power to run your appliances, Dometic offers a range of energy efficient generators/inverters plus a great selection of battery and temperature controllers, chargers and accessories to keep your products up and running.

Find out more about what makes Dometic such a big name across so many lifestyle industries and check out their massive range of products to suit your needs at

Optitec’s Innovative Technology Helping You Park Your Vans And Trailers

The small 100% Australian company Optitec have come a long way since their original Optitec Mover to what is their third updated version the Optitec V2+ Wireless Remote Control Jockey Wheel, helping you park everything from your caravan to your boat trailer, on offer now.

This portable, high quality device allows you to move everything from caravans and campers to horse floats, boat trailers and tradesman’s trailers with ease and precision. The Optitec V2+ Jockey Wheel has many improvements and updates on previous versions. With 30% more power, a much bigger drive shaft, a new gearbox and upgraded bearings the V2+ can move up to a maximum of 3 and a half tonne.

The Optitec V2+ Wireless Remote Control Jockey Wheel was designed to be used by people of all ages. It is compact and easy to carry and install plus it will easily fit into the boot of the car, the caravan or toolbox.

For more information and to check out the Optitec range visit


MORE Horsepower with Nizpro Marine

When development started a number of years ago, Nizpro Marine’s aim was to produce the most powerful 6 cylinder marine outboard on the market.

The Nizpro Marine Supercharger Upgrade Kit for Yamaha 6 cylinder 4.2L marine outboard engines takes your engine from 300HP up to 450HP, from 5500 to 6200 rpm at 7 psi positive pressure. Nizpro Marine has put the Supercharged 450s system through significant testing to get your engine to its maximum and beyond.

In terms of efficiency, the Supercharged 450s improves fuel economy at a cruising rpm. With the Supercharger system fitted, the propeller pitch is increased by approximately 4 inches which is able to reduce engine rpm at cruise speed and in turn will improve fuel efficiency.  Compared to running two Yamaha 6 cylinder outboards, Nizpro Marine’s Supercharged 450s is 556 pounds lighter, no additional drag through water and no additional service costs.

The complete bolt-on system comes with everything required for the installation – fuel system, injectors, reprogrammed ECU – and the whole system takes only a few hours to install.

Nizpro Marine is based in Melbourne and has an in-house Dyno facility, where they can install the system onto your engine for you and run it on the Dyno, giving you a print-out with all the power information and make sure everything is running correctly.

To find out more about Nizpro Marine and the Supercharged 450s head to



mazu SportFishing Brings Revolutionary Features to Salt Water Anglers

New App Leverages the Power of Iridium to Deliver Unique Fish Finding and Communications Functionality

Reston, Va. – mazu, a leading technology and satellite communications company, announced today the launch of the mazu SportFishing app. Giving anglers vital weather and sea state information, and providing powerful communications capabilities via satellite, mazu SportFishing creates a more strategic and productive offshore experience. The mazu SportFishing app links with mazu’s m2500 hardware to offer reliable, affordable, global service using the Iridium satellite network.

An industry first, mazu SportFishing offers a unique method of in-app connectivity with its innovative mazuChat. This powerful functionality centralizes communication with friends and other sports fishermen, allowing anglers to quickly and easily relay information on a private and reliable connection. Users can see their location as well as where they are in relation to their friends. If someone finds a great place to fish, the straightforward interface makes it simple to coordinate multiple boats and get them heading in the right direction. Users can also select to hide their location by removing geographic information from specific, or all, chat contacts. mazuChat also provides worldwide email and SMS communications, even when outside of cellular coverage.

The mazu SportFishing app also provides easy access to comprehensive weather information, including sea surface temperature (SST) reports, chlorophyll data, altimetry and more on a mobile device. Helping anglers zero in on waters that hold fish, users can quickly overlay SST satellite images or chlorophyll charts to easily find temperature breaks and to see water clarity. The app also gives seven-day GRIB forecasts, live buoy data and NOAA weather alerts. With the ability to overlay nautical charts, access to on-screen tracking, and the option to create, edit, import or export routes, mazu makes offshore navigation simple. Real-time NMEA navigation and weather information is also available. In addition, the app delivers reliable, worldwide search and rescue service, available 24/7. Once an SOS is activated, responders know the vessel name and position immediately and two-way communication with responders allows users to provide information about the emergency at hand.

“We are very excited about the wealth of powerful capabilities our new app brings to those with a passion for offshore fishing,” said Craig Myers, product manager, mazu. “Designed to help anglers of all levels maximize their time on the water, mazu SportFishing delivers real-time, actionable data in an easy to understand format, on a convenient mobile platform.”

The mazu m2500 used in conjunction with the SportFishing app, provides global satellite connectivity for anglers. Sold as a bundled package with everything required for a quick installation, the solution includes an ISI-2000 communications hub, a compact IGT-2100 smart antenna with a 30-foot digital cable, and an illuminated keypad with message waiting indicator and SOS emergency buttons.

mazu SportFishing is priced at $129.99 and compatible with iPads running iOS 10.2 or later. The m2500 bundle is priced at $995. For more information about mazu SportFishing, the m2500 and other mazu products, please visit

left to right: SST with Zoom, SST Overlay on Chart

left to right: mazuChat, Chlorophyll

Caravan & Marine Barbecues no blow out guarantee

Caravan & Marine Barbecues manufacture purpose-built, high-quality stainless steel gas barbecues for creative cooking and entertaining on your boat, caravan, RV or at home and in the great Australian outdoors.

Caravan & Marine Barbecues’ point of difference from other similar products is the size and the performance of the barbecue. You can use their barbecues as a cooktop or oven (with an optional cooking rack) and they are the only manufacturer of two burner marine and caravan barbecues on the market, the separate burners mean better temperature control and more controllable heat. These barbecues are really hot, putting out about 20,000 BTUs, the single burner barbecues are around about 8,000 BTUs. Ever had your barbecue blow out? The unique design, originally made for boats, makes these barbecues windproof guaranteed to 50kph, Caravan & Marine Barbecues guarantee they will not blow out.

With a variety of stainless steel accessories to enhance the use of their barbecues, from mounting options to attach your barbecue to your boat, to stands and slide systems for caravanning enthusiasts to install the barbecue for ease of use, plus cooking racks, utensil tray and a purpose-built baking dish, Caravan & Marine Barbecues are perfect for the beach or the bush.

For more information about Caravan & Marine Barbecues, you can head over to

Introducing Tohatsu’s NEW LPG Outboard!

Robby learns about Tohatsu’s new LPG Outboard at the Sydney Boat Show.

Through out the world, Tohatsu has demonstrated the reliability of it’s engines, making them one of the world’s most reputable and largest outboard manufacturers.

Introducing the industry lightest Outboard – 43kg

MFS5SP(LPG) and the MFS5(LPG) – Features Include:
  • Attractive colour that provides cleaner image and suits well on sailing boats
  • Provides lower emission than the petrol outboard motors
  • Less maintenance required
  • Lightweight
  • Industry first front mounted shift lever
  • Larger carrying handle and newly designed holding grip on bottom cowl
  • Flushing device
  • Battery-less FI fuel injection
  • Designed with proven technology
  • Shallow water drive
  • Aluminum propeller
  • Low oil pressure indicator
  • Start-in-gear protection for safer engine starting

With an outstanding team of qualified professionals, creativity and innovation Tohatsu has met and surpassed boater’s expectations.

To learn more visit their website!

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