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Stream River To Reef Anywhere, Anytime!

Now streaming on Foxtel on ‘Aurora’ and available on demand, you can now watch River to Reef at any time of the day, anywhere in the world.

Whether your on your way to your next big fishing trip, or just enjoying from home, you can tune in to Chanel 31 in Adelaide and Melbourne, or stream on Foxtel on the ‘Aurora’ channel.

Better yet, River to Reef  is also available on any connected device at any time so you can start watching on your phone, iPad or computer! Online streaming is available on demand with the first three episodes available to stream anywhere at anytime. If you wish to catch up on all 300 episodes, you can subscribe here and receive a 7 day free trial.

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Revitalize Your Boating Knowledge

You may feel like you know it all, however, BIA’s new Advanced Skipper program is just what you need to freshen up your boating knowledge and make you a pro!

Robby chats to George Beatty from the Advanced Skipper program at the Sydney International Boat Show 2017 about how you can keep your skills sharp on the water.

Being one of the world’s first online refresher programs, the Advanced Skipper is for anyone with a recreational boating license. Consisting of 70 assessments, the online program puts you in real life scenarios which gives you the knowledge and experience to know you are putting yourself, and others in safe hands.

Complete your certificate from home for only $55+gst over the period of 5 years with this extensive course designed by industry experts.

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Riviera’s Dynamic New Hybrid

Robby catches up with Stephen Milne from Riviera to talk all things hybrid at Sydney International Boat Show 2017.

With over 35 years in the business based on the Gold Coast, there is no doubt Riviera is all about shaping tomorrow’s future in the marine industry and they have in fact done that with their brand new hybrid yacht.

When traditional yacht meets 30-knot sporting performance, there is no doubt current Riviera owners and boating enthusiasts alike will be craving that need for speed. The 68 Sports Motor yacht combines the ecstasy of extreme sports performance and the refreshing sense of luxury equipped with an open entertaining hub and spacious accommodation.


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